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What People are Saying

What Parents are Saying about C & A

"What have we loved about the C and A Lab School?  Our children love learning and they LOVE going to school...every day."

"The emphasis is on learning.  Not test-taking or test scores, but learning based on each child's interests and abilities."

"One of the first times that I went to observe my son's first/second grade class, each child was reading aloud to the class something that they had written. The other students gave them feedback about how it could be more interesting, the use of descriptive words, and how to make the content more effective. These very young children were learning about examining their own work, editing it and using critical thinking. The atmosphere was supportive, encouraging and interactive. It was exciting to see how even kids in this age group could grasp these concepts and act on them."

What Students and Alumni are Saying About C & A


"It wasn't about grades. It wasn't about A's and F's. It was about what you did right or needed to work on. I didn't really understand or appreciate that until I went to college."

"I liked interacting with kids of different ages and having different kids in my class every other year."


"I like being able to work on a higher math level in class if that's what I need."
Current student, age 8

"I like being trusted to use the art supplies in a responsible way."
Current student, age 8

"I like being able to work in a small group, and to express my thinking in artistic ways with my classmates."
Current student, age 11

What Teachers are Saying about C & A

"In order to establish a culture of lifelong learners, we build on the foundation of how we learn rather that just what we learn. Recognizing that the quick answers are only a "google" away, the C & A Lab focuses on the learning strategies and approaches that students need to direct and develop their understanding. This process orientation fosters strong student engagement and a true synthesis of the knowledge gained."

"Support from parents with children in the C & A classroom is appreciated and expected. Support ranges from assuring their student is prepared for school daily, to assisting in the classroom as a facilitator of a small group or volunteering to chaperone field trips. Because of the multi-age grouping in the classroom, teachers build a relationship with parents over the two years a child in placed in one room. This leads to enhanced support to foster the child's learning and well-being."

"The joy of becoming readers and writers begins with our first graders. The journey continues throughout the child's experience in the C & A classroom. Students are immersed in quality literature in a variety of genres and are given multiple opportunities to write."

"One of the strongest components of the C & A Lab is the multiage nature of the classrooms. Students begin their journey in a class enjoying the mentoring they receive from older peers. The roles reverse as these students then become the guides for the next group. As a teacher, it is very rewarding to watch the academic, social and emotional development of students over the course of two years."

"Language arts, math, social studies and science are integrated into daily learning situations that help the community of learners apply and make connections to real life situations. They are encouraged to communicate their connections of the content through speaking, writing, and listening. This environment helps them understand the world around them."


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