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Frequently Asked Star Questions

Curriculum and Assessment Lab... what does that name mean? It sounds like my child will be experimented on!

Curriculum and Assessment Lab Classroom was started by a group of parents, teachers, and district administrators who valued a more in-depth exploration of curriculum and implementation of research-based concepts in education. They also wanted to emphasize that each student participates in her/his educational process, including learning skills of self-assessment early in the formative years. Thus, these two concepts were included in the name of the new program. You will most commonly hear it as "the C & A Program."

How is C & A different from other classrooms?

C & A is very much like other district classrooms in that it values educating students and teachers. C & A is different in that every class is multi-age with two grade levels. The C & A teaching philosophy is expressed in its attention to integrative learning and the district performance results. C&A teachers work toward integrating curriculum to help students make connections.  For example, a recent large class project in a 3rd and 4th grade classroom had the students create a restaurant. The theme of the restaurant incorporated Utah history, the students applied math skills for purchasing supplies, writing skills for their job applications, and science was incorporated to learn about food safety and contamination.

Does my child have to take a test to get into C & A?

No, however there is an application for each child, but no testing is required. (See Home page and link to Application) Students throughout the district are eligible to apply for a spot in a C & A class. C & A strives to include students with a range of abilities and reflect the diversity of the district.

Do C & A parents have to do more volunteering than in a regular classroom?

No. As in any elementary classroom, parent involvement in the C & A classroom is very helpful and greatly appreciated. Throughout the year, C & A classrooms plan a variety of activities and opportunities where parents can assist. However, participation is completely voluntary.

What is the schedule of the C & A?

The C & A classes follow the schedule of the schools where they are located, Ensign Elementary School, Hawthorne Elementary School and Clayton Middle School.


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